Youth Band

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The Sherborne Youth Band has always been an integral part of the band’s community work. The Band is led by Jim Bennett.

Timings and Prices:

Starter Brass (Penguins)  6pm – 6.30pm – £20 per term
Youth Band (Intermediates)   6.40pm – 7.40pm – £30 per term
Youth Ensemble  7.45pm – 8.15pm (only by invitation £10)

All rehearsals are held on Mondays, term time only.

Contact Jim at [email protected]

Whilst the Sherborne Town Band had been running a Youth Band for many years, the advent of the Youth Education Scheme in 2008 offered a more holistic, professional approach to the musical development of each child and these principles are at the heart of its current success.

In September 2008 the Sherborne Town Band hosted an open day, offering anyone an opportunity to try a brass instrument.   From the 200 people that visited the event, 26 children and 2 adults enrolled into the Starter Brass Class, for the first term.

The Starter Brass Class is the first stage of the Youth Education Scheme and is designed to suit absolute beginners to brass playing and also those whose music reading skills are not sufficiently developed for ensemble participation.  Once players have five notes and can happily read elementary rhythms they are inducted into the Youth Band and taught stand discipline and how to perform with others, playing different parts.

The Youth Band members are given many performance opportunities each term and quite often perform with the Sherborne Town Band.  Since 2008 many children in the Youth Band have taken graded music examinations and it is a testament to their hard work and the effectiveness of their tuition that they have mostly passed with merits or distinctions.  In addition to this many of our children have been awarded Scout and Guide badges on the strength of their participation in the band.  Further to this, many parents have written to inform us of their child’s developing confidence and enthusiasm.

Once a child is approaching Grade 2 standard they are invited to join the Youth Ensemble.  This group is designed to further develop the musical abilities of our advanced performers with more challenging music.  This group also offers performance opportunities and repertoire for GCSE examinations.   In the fullness of time it is hoped that this ensemble will form the nucleus of an intermediate standard Brass Band to enable players to learn the skills necessary to join the Sherborne Town Band.  However in the interim, once a player has reached Grade 5 standard they are offered the chance to attend appropriate Main Band rehearsals and perform with the Band during its summer season.

In 2011 (the Town Band’s 50th Anniversary) the Sherborne Youth Band performed in the Sherborne Festival.  We consider this great credit and recognition to the organisation, tuition and parental support of the Youth Education Scheme.

Sherborne Town Band have held two successful open days since the first in 2008, and each event has attracted more players!

Jim is a fantastic and enthusiastic leader for this fun, exciting band and it is great to see so many young people progressing to the main town band.