A blast from the past…

Well, its received over 100 views already since putting it on our YouTube channel just a few days ago, and its been a real pleasure to read all the comments and ‘likes’ on this video. I am unsure of the exact date, but this half hour clip was broadcast on local HTV, ‘back in the day’. It shows the band at the height of success and follows the members (and supporters club!) to a contest.

I uploaded and posted this to social media a few days ago, as I noticed BBC 1 broadcasted a documentary (of sorts) about brass bands in Wales, and again similarly to the one above (Polished Brass) documented Tredegar and Cory’s journey in the brass banding world.

I am really pleased that everyone enjoyed seeing old faces and trying to work out the year and who played which instrument!

We are now looking forward to a busy summer season, so hope to see many of these lovely faces at the Pageant Gardens this summer!

Here we go again… Summer 2018

Well, here we are once again at the beginning of June.  We have just completed another successful Long Sutton Friendly Society Club Day… in the blazing sunshine I might add!  What a wonderful affair and the 200th Anniversary of this wonderful tradition.

We move swiftly into June and July where we see three more open air concerts in the fantastic Pageant Gardens, this year ALL featuring our wonderful Youth Band!!  Roll on 17th June (father’s day), bring your Dad, bring your picnic and enjoy the band!

We also made the press on numerous occasions recently and enjoyed a little sunshine (a lot!) at the Sherborne Castle Country Fair.

I include a few photos, and hope that you can all join us for the upcoming concerts!  Happy Summer holidays and Happy Banding!

Merry Christmas

Well, its that busy time of the year during which the band are enjoying Carolling in the town centre, every Saturday, and a number of prestigious Christmas concerts, including the Freemasons Christmas Carol Service and the Sherborne Christmas concert in the Abbey.  All of these concerts have been well attended and fantastic ‘Christmassy’ events.

It really does feel like Christmas during the band’s annual Christmas Sing A Long concert.  We were lucky enough to use the Cheap Street Church this year, and the event was a huge success.  Highlights included the Sherborne Youth Band and the wonderful Sherborne Community Choir.  We are so privileged and proud to have done two concerts with this choir.

The band have a busy 2018 ahead and look forward to more success in the year ahead.  We would like to wish all our supporters and friends and family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Summer is well and truly in full swing!…

Yesterday (Sunday 9th July) saw the first of our ‘Music In The Park’ concerts at the beautiful Pageant Gardens, in Sherborne.  The venue is always fantastic and on this occasion the audience was truly spectacular, also.

Minutes before the band struck up, Sherborne Train Station saw the passing of a steam engine, and it wasn’t long before the gardens was packed with people, many saying how wonderful it was to hear the music and feel the vibe, of this stunning summers day.  Luckily the weather stayed on our side as well!

We were also lucky enough to be joined by our friends from Ecco Gelato – the local Gelateria!  It was great to have cold, fresh ice cream to keep the punters listening and enjoying the afternoon.

It is always such a lovely community event, and we are looking forward to our next two concerts (13th August and 8th October).

We, of course, can’t forget the amazing Sherborne Youth Band, led by Jim Bennett.  Thank you to all the youngsters who turned out and entertained us to the max!  Well done guys!

See you at the next concert, but for now, enjoy some photos!

‘Music in the Park’ success and LNOP 2016

It has been a busy summer again and the most enjoyable concerts of all are always those in our home town.  We have now played two of our three FREE ‘open air’ concerts in the Pageant Gardens, Sherborne.  It has been fantastic to see so many people turn out to support the band and enjoy a picnic, ice cream or beer with the family, in these stunning grounds.

This short video (below) of ‘Aces High’ was uploaded to our YouTube channel and Facebook pages and received some fantastic comments and likes.  The STB twitter feed got busy as well with lots of praise and positive words for the band.  “Thanks @stbsherborne for a lovely day in the Pageant Gardens”; “Made a care home outing for my Mum extra special” and “Fab music today!”, were just some of the comments.

As always, we have enjoyed playing for the public this year, and hope to provide three more concerts next year.  Our last concert in the gardens this year will be Sunday 18th September, 2.30pm onwards.

The work doesn’t stop just yet, and before you know it Christmas will be upon us!  But before that, we are performing at the Historic Vehicle Rally next week, 28th August in Sherborne, and of course don’t forget our ‘Last Night Of The Proms‘ concert on 24th September – it is set to be a truly spectacular event this year – don’t miss out, get your tickets now!

For Tv Proms 2016 landscape

2016 – a busy year ahead…

Well, a belated ‘Happy New Year’ to all our supporters, and a huge thank you to all of you for supporting us and listening to our music throughout 2015.  We had a great year with lots of enjoyment had by all, playing at fetes, summer park venues and much more.

We are busy already practising for the Area Contest in Torquay, this March – with Steve busy tackling those ‘hard to play’ areas with each section of the band, we are sure to go and play our hearts out and do the best we can.

Looking ahead into 2016, we already have a busy calendar, and its not even February yet!  We have already got dates on the online calendar for our Last Night of The Proms, Christmas Concert and other Summer events.  Please have a look at the concerts and mark on your own calendars!  You can even download the calendar for your computer or smart phone and import to your devices, if you so wish!

We are also excited for Youth Band as they have a busy year also, which starts primarily with the Youth ‘Makes Music’ concert in March.

We will of course be visiting the Pageant Gardens for 3 more glorious entertainment concerts, in June, July and August.  These have been so successful and well received in the past three years, we love playing to the public in the parks, and thanks for all the lovely comments last year.

Well, its onwards and upwards with the contest rehearsing, and then it’ll soon be time for the annual Band Dinner!  No doubt pictures and a blog post about this will be posted in late March.  Good luck to everyone at the West of England contest in March, from STB.


It’s that time of the year again – Last Night of The Proms 2015

Well here we are again, at the end of a very busy [as per usual] summer season of concerts, weddings and many other occasions.  The year has been a good one for the band so far.  Steve Rogers has taken the band through the year with gusto and real enthusiasm for music and entertaining the public.  I think the series of three open air Pageant Gardens concerts really showed off the band to its best – well done to all involved and especially Steve for all the hard work with music and rehearsals.  A huge thanks to Sherborne Town Council for supporting these events.

It is that time of the year again where we are busy getting things ready for the Last Night Of The Proms – 26th September.  It is sure to be another great concert, so get your tickets early – tickets on sale from end of August via Sherborne Tourist Information Centre and via the website.  We regret, due to closure, tickets will not be available from Sherborne Photographic.  Tickets will, of course, be available on the door.

It was fantastic to receive a cheque for £250 for our new set of music folders, which are a much needed item for a band and something that gets easily marked and broken over the years.  They will look smart and hold the all important sheet music – you can see them in their glory at the Sherborne Historic Vehicle Rally on Sunday 30th August.  Thanks to rotarian Brian Hellyar who made the presentation to Natalie Miles, our band Secretary.

Happy New Year!

Well, the first news post of the year, and what a year it has been.  Looking back on 2014, the band has seen some amazing successes.  New players and have arrived, some have left us, but we stand healthy and ready for the challenges of the new year.  This includes – of course – The Torchbearer!  We are all looking forward to the rehearsals ahead of January and competing in March at the Riviera Centre, Torquay.  What would a year in banding be without a day trip to the English Riviera!

So, the new website is launched and I hope that it will be received well in the community and beyond.  It has been designed for ease of use, on both traditional PCs and tablet / smart devices in mind.  If you have any comments / suggestions, please do e-mail me at [email protected].

Other happenings this year include the boiler finally being replaced – we can enjoy warm rehearsals now, as the cold weather comes in.  Thanks to the Hall and Woodhouse fund and Sherborne Rotary for their contributions to this, and also the Sherborne Town Council for their support over the year.

I think the image gallery below sums up the year of 2014 for STB.  The open day was a fantastic success and we are already working on organising the next.  The Youth band have gone from strength to strength and the Music In The Park concerts were better than ever and thoroughly enjoyed by the public.

Thanks once again go to our supporters and sponsors during 2014.  We can’t provide the service we do without these people and, of course, the general public of Sherborne and surrounding areas.

We hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoy a healthy and happy 2015.  We’ll see you in the park or at the Proms!

It’s nearly Christmas!…

Well, as summer comes to an end I can quite confidently say that it was been a great one!  The band has played a busy schedule of concerts and private events throughout summer 2014 and we have seen success in our recent recruitment campaign, as well.  We are still performing most weekends as we approach October.  With a short break in November, with exception of the remembrance day parade, we’ll be playing every weekend again, before you know it because it will be Christmas!  Sorry – I have mentioned the ‘C’ word!

At the beginning of the summer period we decided to go ‘big’ with our ‘Sherborne Town Band Needs You!‘ campaign, to try and interest a few more players to fill some empty seats.  It’s worked well so far and we are confident and hopeful that more players will come along as the campaign expands.  The brass banding world is a tough one and it would be fair to say that every band is finding current times difficult, but we are stronger than ever as I write.

We have also had great success (better than ever before!) with our Last Night Of The Proms concert.  On 20th September the Digby Hall was packed with enthusiastic audience members who clearly enjoyed this annual, patriotic evening!  It was also a great pleasure to have the town Mayor, Jon Andrews at the concert.

It’s great to write so positively about the current status of the Sherborne Town Band – there’s more to come as we will be busy as usual over December this year, so please come and support us in the town centre on Saturday mornings, or pop along to our ‘Christmas Sing-A-Long’ on Saturday 13th December (tickets available from November).

I leave you with some of the comments from the Last Night Of The Proms.  See you out and about in December!


“Fantastic – a great concert of variety and entertainment! “

“Excellent that the Youth Band were so involved – keep this up!”

“Wonderful concert as always – thanks so much, I enjoyed singing at the end!”


Band Dinner and Fundraising success!

Well, its been a busy few months in Sherborne.  After the contest weekend we prepared for our annual Band Dinner.  The dinner was a great night out and a good chance to socialise outside of the band room, for a change!  The pictures can be seen on the STB Facebook page – I have been busy tagging you all – sorry!  It was also a great opportunity to thank Paul Cosh for all his hard work over the past years with the band – as he has now stepped down as Musical Advisor to Sherborne Town Band.


It was a couple of weeks after the dinner that we held a great fundraising afternoon at the Quicksilver Mail in Yeovil.  The Freetime Old Dixie Jassband from Holland came over to entertain us for the afternoon.  The crowds turned out on a wonderfully sunny Mother’s Day afternoon and the band made a substantial profit, to add to the much-needed money pot.  Thanks to all involved, including the staff at the Quicksilver.  The afternoon was a great success and the band were amazing!  Find the videos and pictures on Facebook / Youtube.


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