A blast from the past…

Well, its received over 100 views already since putting it on our YouTube channel just a few days ago, and its been a real pleasure to read all the comments and ‘likes’ on this video. I am unsure of the exact date, but this half hour clip was broadcast on local HTV, ‘back in the day’. It shows the band at the height of success and follows the members (and supporters club!) to a contest.

I uploaded and posted this to social media a few days ago, as I noticed BBC 1 broadcasted a documentary (of sorts) about brass bands in Wales, and again similarly to the one above (Polished Brass) documented Tredegar and Cory’s journey in the brass banding world.

I am really pleased that everyone enjoyed seeing old faces and trying to work out the year and who played which instrument!

We are now looking forward to a busy summer season, so hope to see many of these lovely faces at the Pageant Gardens this summer!