19th November 2011 – 50th Anniversary Concert – Sherborne School

The 50th Anniversary Concert was a phenomenal success, with the return of many old faces and the band performing an exciting array of music. Among the evening’s entertainment was the Sherborne Youth Band, Seven Deadly Sins Jazz Band, and of course old friends, the Yetties.

The evening was sensational, and really captured the banding spirit and community feel that has always been evident within the band. Many photographs and videos were taken, and I am currently in the middle of compiling all of these wonderful moments, so beautifully captured on film. Please visit back in the next couple of weeks to take a look for yourself, but for now you can take a sneak peak, with a short video of Cyril White (first conductor of the band) conducting the march “The Bombardier” on Saturday night.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIN52rry7Zo&w=560&h=315]

A big thank you must go to all players, supporters, audience members, staff at Sherborne School, band committee members, Paul Cosh (conductor), and many many more people.

Please visit back at a later date for pictures and videos, but for now, please take a moment to read some of the comments made regarding Saturday’s big concert.

“A great success Joe and all the team.   Just the right mix of serious and light hearted music and items past and   present. All the performances sounded really good from the gallery where we were   sitting and heard only positive comments from the rest of the audience too. Well   done everyone involved!

“It was an excellent show, and was back   to the “good old days” at the Weavers Club afterwards! Lovely night, really glad we   came.”

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