Easter Brass Break – success!

Well, we have come to the end of the first ever Easter Brass Break!  It was an absolute success and featured some fantastic moments of educational excellence (in my opinion!)

I was there for two out of the three days and of course for the finale concert at Cheap Street Church. 

All the days I was there were superbly organised and I must say the feedback from parents returning for the 2nd and 3rd day was great to hear – it looks like the kids really did enjoy it and get something quite valuable from it – which is good, this is what Paul and Dave intended to do all along.

Overall a great succes and next year’s dates are already being looked into!  Thanks goes to all members of the band who helped out, and also sponsers, including Terry Bartle, and the Sherborne Lions club. 

All info and more pictures and videos are on the band website:  www.sherbornetownband.co.uk and also at the YouTube pages @ www.youtube.com/sherbornetownband.  And don’t forget to keep up-to-date with the band at Twitter.  Follow @stbsherborne. 

Well, over and out for now.  Enjoy the pics and vids…


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