The start of the Christmas Season…

The band have officially started their Christmas season.  It all started with the obligatory carols in Cheap Street on Saturday morning.  What a joy it is to play to the people of Sherborne and provide that lovely backdrop of music which epitomises the start of Christmas. 

It was lovely to see the people of the town be so generous in their donations as we collected whilst playing on Saturday – we really do appreciate it and it does give us the opportunity to improve the band and its facilities, in order to keep on entertaining like this, year after year. 

The band also performed a concert in aid of Christmas for the Long Sutton Church – the concert went very well and a good turn out of people meant that all mince pies and mulled wine were successfully consumed and thoroughly enjoyed! 

Conductor Paul cosh said that the band sounded the best ever, and I quite agree – the band are sounding better by the day, and it is a great pleasure to hear such wonderful, praise and nice comments from people who attend the concerts. 

Above:  The folks of Long Sutton Church gathering during the interval.

Above:  Trombone player Mike Whitburn (Left) and Gareth (Right).

The band also played the Masons’ carol service today in the Abbey, Sherborne.  The concert was very nice, and the band played superbly.  The photo below is a shot of the band set up and ready to go – nearly!

Above:  Ann and Steve – rest of the band are getting ready to wow the crowd!

For more info on the band’s upcoming events, please take a look at

Over and out for now, more next weekend on the band’s Christmas activity!!


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